Show Your Designer Jeans Savvy


Oh no! You have a jeans crisis and can’t decide which right pair to buy! Do not despair! help is on the way.

No matter whether you are plus size, beautiful, tall or average, it is difficult to find the right pair of jeans, so we can use some tips as well.

Finding the right pair of jeans is not always easy. There are many styles to choose from. With these few tips in mind, you can find that perfect pair of jeans.

Some useful hints include:

Before deciding which pair to wear, it is essential that you choose which type of shoes. This is because the heel will normally determine how the gene will fall or lie on the ground.

Also remember that when you buy them, most jeans are not already shrunk. So make sure you allow a little shrinkage.

Low rise jeans sit low at the waist and provide the perfect opportunity to show off those abs!

· Boot-cut jeans are loose through the leg and widen at the foot opening.

Flared leg jeans are fun and funky with a wide, flared opening on the leg.

· Stone jeans are lighter and more broken in appearance.

Distressed jeans have holes, slices or wrinkles that make it look extremely bad.

Dark jeans are ideal jeans for one night.

Not all genes fit all body types. So when choosing jeans, keep in mind your body type and jean style.

Full-bodied types should opt for traditional five-pocket style jeans that are not very high. A bootcut jean will help balance your figure and make your legs look longer. And always choose jeans in darker shades.

· In slimmer body type jeans, the leg opening looks a bit gaudy. Low rise and pocket jeans are also good options.

Athletic types have narrow hips and athletic legs. Bootcut jeans are flattering as well as low rise jeans.

Some of the newest trends in today’s stores are True Religion and 7 for All Mankind.

Today’s jeans are not just for wearing around the house. Designer jeans are versatile and fashionable and easily transition from daytime to evening.


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