Microsoft cleared to export mass-market software to Huawei temporarily


It seems that Huawei may be able to breathe a little easier despite showing the face of an unaffected and non-public person. The company was recently given another 90-day repurchase and the US Department of Commerce has begun applying for or rejecting a temporary license to temporarily export to a licensed Chinese company. However, despite these developments the fate of its mobile business is still unclear, but it will have access to Microsoft software, at least until temporary licenses are revoked.

Unlike Google, Microsoft has been more vocal about Huawei’s plight from the beginning. Company president Brad Smith also publicly complained about Huawei’s inappropriate behavior when it was added to the US unit list. Of course, this could also be driven by business concerns as many American companies also lost themselves to a large customer such as Huawei.

This may be resolved temporarily as Microsoft was among those who recently granted an extended license to do business with the Chinese company. In particular, Microsoft now allows Huawei to export “mass-market software”. It does not really specify what software is related, but it can range from Windows to Microsoft’s cloud services.

In addition to being able to purchase software for its own employees, this could mean that Huawei will again be able to support or launch new Windows-based devices like the Huawei MateBook X Pro. That said, those devices are still far away from Huawei’s mobile business and, as of now, no word has come in regarding licenses for Google.

It can never come if a bipartisan group of US senators has their way. Lawmakers are requesting President Trump to suspend the approval of licenses and the criteria being used to determine whether a license is approved. Many in Congress view Huawei as a threat to national security and feel that these licenses undermine the government’s stance on that matter.


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