LG UX 9.0 teaser is getting a lot of attention but for the wrong reasons


Unlike Samsung One UI, OnePlus OxygenOS, Huawei EMUI, Xiaomi MIUI and other Android OEMs, LG doesn’t really have a catchy name for its custom Android experience. It simply calls it the LG UX, which may have originated at a time when it was trying to stick closely to a more vanilla Android look and feel. It is now teasing the latest iteration of that experience, the LG UX 9.0, which is generating much buzz on the Internet. Unfortunately for LG, this is not the kind of attention they would be expecting.

Some focus on what LG was showing in their teaser video and they seem to agree that it is similar to Samsung’s recent One UI interface. It is not difficult to see when the arrangement of the elements looks equally similar till the design of the icon. Some have also taken issue with particular applications, such as the apps below.

On the other hand, it doesn’t take into consideration what Samsung has done for its One UI, which actually differs from the standard Android user interface and experience. For example, placing the tab below the thumb’s reach leads to better performance. The other Samsung flourishes a lot.

However, other netizens have taken the opportunity to point out the biggest problem with LG phones: their software updates. They have been very disappointing and confusing at times. For example, it is going to come with LG UX 9.0, Android 10, but it is already on the G8X ThinQ which is still on Android 9 Pie. Whether an Android 10 update for that phone is coming soon is the point of those complaints at first.

Even more bizarrely, LG has apparently taken down the video, marking it as private. If it was published ahead of schedule, it is strange that it took about a day for it to take action. If, on the other hand, it is reacting to shrill remarks, it can only make matters worse.


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