Hoodies are in Style for Both Men and Women


Hooded sweatshirts, often called “hoodies”, now hold a permanent place in fashion. The hoodie was a piece of clothing that began primarily as workout wear. Now you can find hoodies made by famous clothing designers and for some designs, the price is as high as hundreds of dollars. Why has Hoodie become so popular? Let’s take a look at who wears them the most.

The hoodie is definitely moving towards the younger generation. The urban clothing industry is definitely in the lead for the manufacture and marketing of hoodies. The trend can be traced back to the rappers who wore them as a way to look sinful. Now this trend has stopped and any urban clothing enthusiast will at least have a hoodie in their wardrobe. Famous hoodie brands include Christian Audigier, LRG and BAPE (Bathing App). These clothes designers know what the young crowd wants – unique designs that give the individual a sense of personal style.

Hoodies are no longer popular only for men. Clothing designers have created hoodies that also fit the frames of young women. They are not big and heavy the way most men like their hoodies. Hoodies for women are designed to fit a woman’s frame that still enhance her figure. Hoodie’s urban look compliments both men and women on wearing jeans and a cool fly kick.

The hoodie is not limited to just the urban clothing scene. Surfers and skateboarders are big fans of the hoodie. It is not uncommon to see both surfers and skateboarders playing their favorite brand of hoodies on the beach or in a skate park. Popular brands for these hoodies include Element, Billabong and Hurley. Not only are hoodies making a fashion statement, but they are practical for a surfer who is attempting to stay warm after catching some morning waves.

Hoodies will also always be popular among the college crowd. There is no university that you can go on a trip that proudly displays the name of your college on a hood sweatshirt. It is like an unwritten law for at least one college hoodie for college students.

Some people may find it insane to pay such expensive prices for a crazy sweatshirt. However, you are not only getting a unique design, you are also getting a hoodie made of quality material. These ashes do not fade after ashes to some extent and do not lose their stitching. Hoodies are no longer just for the younger crowd. Men, women and children of all ages should feel comfortable wearing stylish hoodies. They are such simple pieces of clothing that you can fine-tune in only a few of them. Designers make their hoodies in all types so it is relatively easy to find one for any age group.

If you are worried about paying retail prices, think again. Many major department stores carry top brand hoodies and offer them at a sale price. You just have to be on the lookout for sale days. Better deals can also be found at urban clothing specialist online stores. Stay in style and comfort by adding a hoodie or two to your wardrobe.


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