Galaxy Tab Fold could be a clamshell tablet you can put in your pocket


The Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X offer slightly different solutions to the same problem, offering larger screens while not forcing smartphone users to run tablets in their pockets. While this type of foldable device has some attraction, there are other problems that can also be addressed by such flexible screens. For example, the Motorola Razor 2019 makes a regular phone more compact. The Samsung patent does the same, this time in lieu of tablets like phones.

It seems that the idea behind this new Samsung patent is similar to the Galaxy Fold and the clamshell Galaxy Fold 2. For lack of an actual official name, LetsGoDigital simply calls it the Galaxy Tab Fold. The patent actually includes three designs but the first seems to be more likely to turn it into an actual commercial product.

Like the Galaxy Fold, it has a larger screen that folds in the middle but should the Galaxy Fold 2 still be announced, it folds vertically like a clamshell. This allows it to shrink to a more portable size, but don’t mistake it for a phone, even if the patent describes it as a mobile telephone.

Patent diagrams show no indication of a second external screen, meaning that it cannot be used when the bus is off. There is no camera from outside and there is no foot inside. The theory is that it could be the one for that already low-display camera. With four speakers, the device depicted in the filing resembles a tablet more than a phone. Again, Samsung has created tablets that act like an overpriced phone after all.

The new design simplifies things a bit, not only in the number of components but also in the narrative that Samsung will have to tell. This is just a tablet that you can more easily keep in a pocket or bag and also act as a phone. Whether or not you will use it to replace your phone, however, is a different matter altogether.


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