Galaxy S11+ release level leaks shows sides and tiny punch


The most prominent leak of the Samsung Galaxy S11 + appeared today with images of the device from all sides. The device appears in a render made using a CAD diagram of the company’s connections with part-makers. This means that the end device may be different – but it is unlikely. It is more likely from this source, that we look at the most basic and important physical features of the devices in February of 2020 to learn about the devices coming almost certainly from Samsung.

According to this latest leak from Onlix with CashCaro, the Samsung Galaxy S11 + (or Galaxy S11 Plus, if you prefer), will be larger than the Galaxy S11 (non-plus) and has a larger-sized camera on its back. Will facilitate Previous leaks have discussed the length of these cameras, largely thanks to the leak of the standard Galaxy S11 from a single source. He also makes three leaks, including the Samsung Galaxy S11e.

The front of the Samsung Galaxy S11 + will be very similar to the Galaxy S11 and S11e, which will have a single punch-hole in the forehead. This punch sing-front-facing camera makes room for this device sports – but don’t think that the device doesn’t have any other front-facing sensors.

This Galaxy S11 + has a bunch of front-facing sensors, all under the display – semiautransparent view-through action is here! Display technology here is possibly Samsung’s Dynamic AMOLED, including the ability to roll with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

It’s not flat at all, but we’re coming back to that point, bit by bit. The panel is approximately 6.9-inch diagonally with a curve to the left and right, but stated curves are shorter with the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S10 +. The front camera has a slightly smaller aperture than the previous panels, that too – small and simple, basically back!

See the timeline below for additional Galaxy S11 + leaks. We are likely to see this device in full from Samsung in February 2020 – stay tuned!


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