Galaxy S10 Android 10 update slowly rolls out to a few countries


Based on its own official timetable, Samsung is not scheduled to release its One UI 2.0 update until January 2020 for its 2019 flagship. It seems, however, that some owners of the Galaxy S10 phone are receiving early holiday treatment from the manufacturer. Reports are coming that these phones are finally getting the update, which also pulls in Android 10, but, as expected, it is not happening all at once.

Like any major update from Samsung, One UI 2.0 is about half of Android and half about Samsung. On the Android side, the update bumps the version for Android 10, this time no dessert. In addition to the usual improvements under the hood, Android 10 brings changes to the user experience, some of which are practically replaced by One UI 2.0.

Samsung launched One UI last year as the successor to its Samsung Experience Skin, which, in turn, replaced the much-criticized TouchWiz. Version 2.0 polishes the UI significantly making it easier to access key buttons and options with the thumb of one hand. It emphasized reducing the information density and size of some UI elements, an almost ironic direction considering Samsung’s history with TouchWiz.

Samsung launched a beta for the One UI 2.0 with Android 10 for the Galaxy S10 last October, making this initial stable rollout a little surprising. Like Android 9 Pie, the wave began in Germany, followed by South Korea and, unsurprisingly, Panama according to Sammobile. Others have claimed on Twitter that France and the UK are also receiving updates.

Hopefully, this is indeed a pleasant surprise and a holiday gift despite seemingly premature release. While Samsung certainly deserves praise for speeding up its software update cycles, sometimes those early updates have not caused even a small amount of headaches for early users running into bugs that render their phones useless Give.


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