Wedding Shoes, buying and preparation


A bride’s wedding and wedding should bloom and mature just like the day before, and for a certain bride, the perfect wedding is shoes. Here is a guide to help you find the right pair that you can buy for that special day if you are a special couple.

Select a color

There are types of white, diamond white, pearl white, satin white, etc. If you are in for a mutual wedding, but you can be white, but you go to Radial, which likes to wear colorful gowns instead of plain blonde, you can still match the color of your shoes to your gown. .


And apart from the keg, style is your next priority, fits your shoe conference and venue, and if you have a bridal wedding or beach wedding, then it is not possible to wear stilettos. For an evening event, you can use a strappy bone sandal. Remember that both shoes and dresses do not require things, on the contrary, look fancy shoes for a certain outfit for a normal outfit and when they meet with each other.


Now that you have chosen the style and color, please pay attention to your shoes, remember that you stick to your shoes all day, and possibly even the reception, which was expected to be more than four, and during the reception, those dances may be for you. You do not want to get refills on your special day, so make sure to rest your shoes.

Additionally, buy shoes at the end of the day. The time of day is toe to toe and you want to buy boots when you are in your cute biggest size.

  • TIP: Look at your shoes from the previous wedding, until you reach 5–5 hours without injury, but it doesn’t matter. Yes, just look out for him.

Your dress and your shoes


Whatever your wedding dress is to match your outfit, the type of dress in your shoe is usually determined by the type of hem in your gown. Shiny dresses for lacy gowns and satin boots for lacy gowns appear. You can also use fabric crepe shoes, which have a matte finish.


If you want the details of your shoes like crystal or rhinestone, but be sure to match the color, shin and style attire, not the shoes of the Garden bezel, which have no part of the crystal or when you are illuminated. The new hit will give an inverted lampshade.

Extra shoes

If you want your dancing joist to be different than your actual wedding shoes, and you want one more, but be sure to add extra high heel heels that match the reality but your gown is not too short. Direction or too long when you are with the Lord.


When you make or change your outfit, your shoes will be remembered for your own; it can be ensured that the length of your gown is the AD mail service account of your shoes, you do not have to take your clothes off or leave them empty. Not too low to find?


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