What exactly is the creation and Development of internet web?

In the web company, they are often contacting someone and ask your style of their websites. But if you tell someone your need, you can come to realize that it is not just the design of the function that includes the improvement works. Most people believe that the conditions for creating and developing Internet web tend to be the same. But the truth is that the two sentences have different meanings. Well, here I will show these two terms every further modification.

Development of internet web
Development of internet web

Web design
First, Internet design first. Well, basically create websites that develop a website that contains colors and graphics. In simple sentences, a sketch of colors can be asked for. It is what we do on paper, but here we do this in computer systems. Web Design It refers to the website or even the graphics of the site to see and feel.

The type is the actual design of the main site is known as custom web. It is perhaps the one that creates the actual visual appearance of the page. It was designed to meet customer needs as well as your business. Various colors, images and graphics are used to make the site attractive. Adobe Photoshop can be generalized to be used by designers to create the site. To the layout in the Internet, HTML (Hypertext Markup Vocabulary) The design display realized. If only the HTML view, these types of websites tend to be static web pages.

Web improvement
Now we will push the development of the Internet. It creates the actual functionality of web pages or to the back end of the website, which is performed by the programming. Conversation between several pages that work with the site, can be part of the improvement of the train.

You will develop the different languages ​​that the website will find as PHP OR NET and NET OR. RED. Some scripting languages ​​like JavaScript will also be used. Style database development can also be included in the improvement of the tape. The database is where the data is stored on the website, as well as online data. These sites are known as dynamic websites or websites managed by data sources. The back-end page or site administrator is not supported by users. The dog owner or the site manager can look at the person’s name and the password through the registration. The work is known as a creator or internet web programmer. He or she just needs to look like the website every time the user opens.

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